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                Hội Ân Nhân Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế Tại Vietnam - ở Hoa Kỳ

                                  The Redemptorists of the Viet Nam Province's Support Association – RVPSA



                                                                                                      IRS Tax-exempt EIN# 80-0264653

About RVPSA (English Version)

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O Mother of Perpetual Help pray for us.

Our mission is to foster the devotion to Mary, Our Mother of Perpetual Help to everyone ... Her grace and miracles have blessed her children in Vietnam in many special ways, especially during the most difficult times in the history of the country, as well as in the daily life of the community.




The Redemptorist is a religious congregation of Catholic priests and brothers founded by St. Alphonsus Liguori in 1732 in Naples, Italy. Presently, there are some 5,000 Redemptorists working for the poor and most abandoned in nearly every part of the world.

In November 1925, three Canadian Redemptorists who originally answered the call from the Holy See arrived at Hue, the capital of Vietnam at the time, to form a mission. From this humble start and after nearly 40 years of presence in Vietnam, in 1964,  the Redemptorist Superior General declared the establishment of the Redemptorist Province in Vietnam. The province is now stretching to 20 dioceses all over the country.

Purposes and principles:

With the motto "With Him is Full Redemption" (Ps 130:7 ) Redemptorist brothers and priests follow Jesus in preaching the Good News to the poor. The Redemptorists dedicate their lives to God and missionary work.


Currently, the Redemptorists are present throughout all regions of the country, from North to Central and South of Vietnam, serving more than 22 cities, 20 dioceses, establishing 19 houses, 8 religious communities and dozens of remote missionaries to carry out the missions of the Congregation in Vietnam.

The Redemptorist number has increased with time. In 1925 there were only one brother and two priests. By 2011, the Redemptorist was one of the the largest religious communities in Vietnam, with 520 members, to include 182 priests, 79 seminarians, 33 post-novices, 25 novices, and 200 pre-novices.

The vocation training in Vietnam faces difficulties in all areas: facilities are very inadequate, no library for research and reference work, no playground for physical fitness or entertaining activities.


"The apostolic work of the Congregation is distinguished more by its missionary dynamism than by any particular forms of activity; in other words, by evangelization in the true sense, and by service of persons and groups who are poor and more neglected within the Church and society" (The Constitutions of the Redemptorists, No. 14)

The Province has established its apostolic directions aimed at the following areas:  Gospel teaching, evangelizing lay people, and serving the victims of the modern society.

Preaching the Gospel

The teaching of the Gospel was, is and will remain forever as one of the primary apostolic activity of the Redemptorists in Vietnam.


The Redemptorist Province of Vietnam is trying its best to maintain and develop the mission to lay people, especially the minority communities.  It is an important task next to the Gospel teaching.

Serving the victims of modern society:

Vietnam is being modernized from a third world country status.  During the transition, time traditional values are being destroyed. Agricultural lands are being urbanized. Bribery and corruption are rampant. The environment is being neglected and destroyed. Education system is facing various problems. Moral values are disrupted. Legal system becomes unjust yielding wrongfully claims and openly exploitation for one's own benefit.  There exist many social problems such as abandoned poor children living on streets, neglected elderly, drug addicts, HIV patients, prostitution, abortion, unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy outside of marriage, child delinquency, and many more.

Facing such a situation, the Redemptorist Province of Vietnam is committed to serving these victims, in bringing improved social conditions and advancing the virtuous qualities bestowed by God.  In addition, the Province is fiercely protecting the sanctity of human lives, justice and peace in the form of peaceful prayers.

The Province is continuing to focus on other pastoral activities such as:

Fostering Inspiration to the Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Mission for Reconciliation.

Mission for Pastoral Retreat.

Mission for Religious Education.

Mission for Pastoral Family Care.

Evangelizing and educating the masses through publishing medium as well as other media.


Over 84 years, thanks to the intercession of Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help and  St. Alphonsus Liguori, together with the support of the benefactors and the enthusiastic collaboration of the Catholic community, the Redemptorist Province of Vietnam has always risen over adversities in response to the love and grace of God. The Province responds to the call of St. Alphonsus and the demands of the community of God.

We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude. We humbling ask for contributions and assistance for the training of priests, for our apostolic ministry activities and for our charitable programs.


The Association is a non-profit organization. We are willing to accept contribution in the form of cash, all forms of properties, talent or time from people with good heart. Contributions may be tax deductible.


Conditions for joining:

Membership is for people of all ages. Relative may contribute in the name of those who died for the deceased to receive prayers and God's grace from the activities of the Province.

Members Responsibilities:

Spiritual participation by offering the sacrifice, penance and prayer for Redemptorists. Prayers can be guided by prayer booklets provided by the Redemptorists.


-Regular members: $80 (USD) a year.

-Lifetime Member: $1,000 (USD) or more (can be a onetime contribution or a combined amount from multiple contributions during a year).

Benefits of membership:

Members will receive prayers and God's grace imparted from all pastoral and charity missions of the Redemptorists.